Attract the worklife you’re craving.

Let’s shift the narrative and tell the story of the leader you’re becoming.

Next Step

Henceforth’s most popular plan is for anyone making a worklife transition that is focused on the here and now—whether deciding on the next target role, creating a strategy for your current job, piloting a project or in active job search.

  • 3 months of partnership

  • 4-part worklife platform

  • up to 10 facilitation sessions

  • 1 priority communication asset


Wide Lens

For anyone wanting to make worklife decisions towards a bigger vision of the future—includes a deeper dive on how you want to contribute more broadly as a leader in your space and how you will make that happen.

  • 6 months of partnership

  • 8-part worklife platform

  • up to 18 facilitation sessions

  • 2 priority communication assets



If you want help figuring out where you are and what you need, let’s design your plan.


How will you show up at the next level of what you are capable of?

You’ve got options. That can lead to being too busy and falling into default choices or even overwhelm and anxiety. Let’s co-create change as you reshape how you challenge yourself and contribute more of the talents that only you have.


Why choose Henceforth?

Today, there is ample support available to talk things out and get inspired. There is less support on “the how”? What do I want and how do I bring that to life tangibly? Together we bridge the big questions to “ok then what do I do this week” and then we start doing it. We create the foundation for a conscious career of freedom and stability.


All plans include


We can partner in the full service or supported DIY format. Here are examples of how new and returning clients want to partner.



You gain clarity on what is unique about the work you do that is by the people you want to collaborate with next—part of the Henceforth Signature.


Worklife Platform

This is a planning and prototyping document that many clients use as a touchstone for years to come. Here’s a preview.


Communication Assets

Every worklife change is marked by some way of communicating something to someone—resume, website, deck, profile. What do you need next?


Frequently asked questions


Who are Henceforth clients?

Designers—tech product, graphic, architecture, interiors, fashion, etc + Journalists + Video Producers/Directors + C-Level Leaders + Leaders in Media, Branding, Marketing, Insights, Product, Project Management, HR, Strategy, Operations, Non-Profit Programming, Finance, Sales.


Should I do full service or supported DIY?

Choose full service when your work is confidential or you want an external reframe that many clients find life changing. Choose supported DIY: 1\ After working 1:1 to expand upon the work or 2\ if you want to do it yourself, 3\ it suits your budget better.


What if I need help faster?

Many clients value the reflection time and the 1st communication asset is done by week 8. Some clients need it done faster and do an accelerated version of the Next Step plan that is 2 weeks (subject to availability). Or we can design the right plan for you.


So Henceforth will write my resume and make my website?

If full service, you get a reframe that is 70%+ of the way there, and then you get your hands dirty co-creating the rest of the way in your words and style. If supported DIY, you are guided to do all that.


Find out if Henceforth is the service you didn’t know you were looking for.