What is Henceforth?

Henceforth offers a suite of services to help us dive deeper into the freedom we have today to design and lead our own worklives, navigate that responsibility and create self-sourced stability in a fast-moving, capricious world of work.

Meaningful, conscious worklives are not as fancy as they look. They are composed in a series of small moments.

Clarify the work that is emerging on your horizon. Stand behind your vision. Take the risk to tell the story of the leader that is rising within you versus clinging to the person that was. Hold space and take action for the contribution only you can make. And repeat.

Let’s do this!

Hi, I’m Rana Rosen.

And I’m founder of Henceforth. I’m a facilitator, writer and communications designer. The company grew out of my background in business—across strategic planning, HR and marketing (consulting and internal roles)—and journalism. The work grew through word of mouth from 2010 and since then Henceforth’s method organically took shape.

The Henceforth Signature

  1. A method that breaks down barriers to getting started, and partners on experimentation and learning by taking action

  2. A method that builds muscles to communicate adaptively

  3. Reframing of clients’ worklife narrative that they often describe as “life changing” and “still using years later”

  4. Physical deliverables that catalyze taking action

  5. Facilitation that is in touch with the marketplace and organizational acumen

  6. Facilitation that offers empathy, non-judgment and insightful, big-picture questions balanced with candidness and practicality